Our Renovation Fiyela winners of the competition were announced on Friday, 16 December 2016 in store. The draw took place at 12:00 directly outside the store. 

There was excitement in the air as it got closer to noon! Our store manager, Abe, asked the crowd to draw random names out of a bag, and each winner was chosen by a different crowd member. However, if someone’s name was drawn who wasn’t there, a different name was drawn as you had to be present to win.


M-Audio Studio in a Box: Prince Mwanjalah
Ibanez Premium Guitar: Laureen Patience
Marshall MG191CFX Amp: Maureen Patience
TAMA Rhythm Mate Drumset: Papa Tee

The Renovation Fiyela winners were ecstatic, and one family was lucky enough to win twice! Both mother and daughter, Maureen and Laureen Patience, each one a prize. They couldn’t believe their ears when Laureen’s name was also called.


Even though the competition has officially come to an end, the sale has not. The #RenovationFiyela (Renovation Sweep) sale only ends on the 31st of December 2016. Our Braamfontein store is undergoing renovations, but will remain open throughout the festive season. To enter the store, please use the temporary entrance on the right of the old entrance. 


The reason for the #RenovationFiyela sale is because we are renovating our Braamfontein branch and want to start our new store with the latest and best gear available for you! The new store will be 4 storeys high, and will be one of the largest free standing music stores in Africa.


For more info, call us at 011 403 0199 or visit our Facebook page. You are also welcome to comment on this post if you have any questions relating to the #RenovationFiyela sale.