Top 6 Ibanez Must-Have Accessories for your Case

Updated: Apr 23

We've all been in a pinch, whether it be at rehearsal or at a show, wishing we just remembered to pack that one item. A part from the obvious extra cables, strings or 9V battery, here are some suggested accessories from Ibanez that you can always keep in your guitar case for when you need it most.

1. Ibanez MTZ11 Multi Tool

This 11-in-1 multi tool is compact enough to fit in your pocket. It provides you with quick access to 11 of the essential guitar setup tools. The convenient center hole in the MTZ11's body make it easy to access any tool you need. Don't leave home without it!

2. Ibanez PGC1000 Polish Cloth

The PGC1000 240x240mm guitar cloth features super-fine SHINETEX microfibers developed by UNITIKA to capture dust and grime. Not only is it washable to last longer but has two different fibers on the different sides of the cloth. A thicker long fiber for shining the guitar's body and neck, and a thinner short fiber for difficult-to-clean parts such as hardware. A must to keep your guitar clean!

3. Ibanez ISW10 String Winder

The smooth action winder with its red handle will easily be found in your guitar case or crowded tool box. A definite must-have to allow you to perform an otherwise lengthy task a lot faster and safer.

4. Ibanez IEP10 Earplugs

The Ibanez IEP10 Earplugs can cut up to 20dB reduction in noise levels and provides a snug but gentle seal without unwanted pressure. It includes a protective small carry case to ensure it increases the lifespan. Be sure to protect your ears and have extra clarity in all noisy jamming situations.

5. Ibanez IGC10W Capo

The Ibanez IGC10W Capo is suitable for Acoustic guitars and Electric guitars and has smooth Single-handed operation. In a beautiful wood finish it's a must-have to change the key of your songs in no time.

6. Ibanez TuNANO Headstock Tuner

The Ibanez TuNANO Headstock provides you with more choices of location thanks to its unique size and the easy to read LCD screen. With a tuning range goes as low as the low B on a 5-string bass and selectable Chromatic and Automatic Tuning Modes, the TuNANO will not let you down. The highly-visible LCD display flashes green when the instrument is in tune and orange when not. An easy to use must have for stage, rehearsal or classroom!

Being prepared will leave you with more time for what's most important, playing guitar! The next time you visit your closest TOMS store be sure to stock up on these must-haves for your guitar case.


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