TOMS – The Only Music Shop has been supplying musicians and hobbyists with musical instruments and pro-audio equipment since 1978, marking our 40th anniversary last year. With a large variety of top quality brands and great prices, we have everything to suit your musical equipment needs. Our experienced sales and management team with their vast product knowledge and excellent service can assist anyone from the aspiring musician to top professional artists.

TOMS 2nd Hand Store

The TOMS 2nd store is a platform for TOMs older stock, and

re-furbished gear.. 

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Cape Town & Bellville Turns 1! 

November marks one year of TOMS entering the Mother City! Join our Cape Town & Bellville Stores this month for a celebration including give-aways, weekly once-off deals, live performances and many more exciting surprises!

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Catch our LIVE Streams hosted exclusively at TOMS Rivonia. 

From gear reviews to DJ sets, visit any of our facebook pages to join us! 

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